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Remember the essentials in your schoolbooks

Knowing how to remember and memorise important information in your schoolbooks is essential. With your FriXion pens you can highlight and annotate directly in your books in complete freedom!

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Let's recap in a few words

Textbooks are full of details and important information. Reading the lessons in your schoolbook and taking a step back to ask yourself what is essential to remember, helps you to understand and memorise information.
With FriXion Light pens you can directly highlight the content that you think is important.
If you realise that you have highlighted sentences which are not essential, you can simply erase.

With FriXion Point pens and their fine tips you can frame, put in brackets and annotate the sentences of your choice and you can always modify by erasing and starting again.
The goal? Learning more effectively by highlighting all the content to memorise and by selecting the information you want to include in your revision sheets.
You can also rely on this selection to prepare your presentations with ease. There are no limits to improve the way you learn!