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Prepare your revision sheets to memorise well

Good revision comes first and foremost through good organisation. Learn how to make effective revision sheets to remember your lessons!

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Let's recap in a few words

To fully understand your lessons, you need clear and concise revision sheets. In addition, the memorisation process begins as soon as you re-read your notes, writing the summary of information you want to remember. Here is a little trick to make good revision sheets: use colours and drawings to get a more impactful visual result. The colours will help you to sort and differentiate the elements of your lesson and the drawings will help you to visualise theories and concepts.

Not to mention that writing with the help of colours can enable you to prioritise the importance of information and to highlight the keywords you need to memorise.
With FriXion Fineliner writing pens you can write, schematise, draw and colour at the same time while remaining as precise as possible.
An all-in-one writing pen is the ideal tool for making clear and easy-to-remember revision sheets!